When I went to Italy before I had a lot of group activities there was li...

I also went abroad quite well.

I also went abroad quite well. Everything you see and listen to overseas travel is exciting and fun. However, it is also true that travelers are easily targeted by unfathomable people. I went abroad, mainly on free trips, so I had a problem even though it was small. I write one of them this time. It was when I traveled to Italy ten years ago. When walking from the hotel to the station to head to Milan from Florence, gypsy parents attacked us. This is how it works. The mother forcibly pushes the big corrugated paper against the chest and asks for treatment. In the meantime, children will color in the bag. Fortunately, the local youth kicked off that gypsy parent and child and none was robbed. However, my shawl back was firmly opened. It would be no doubt that it was hurting if it could be helped for a few seconds later. In the meantime, I myself could not do anything. It is also a fact that I was slightly wary of it. I saw the gypsies and felt sort of a little mercy. They did not miss it. Tourists are always aimed at. It seems that the method of pickpocketing and withdrawal is always new. A little carelessness can ruin the trip. Overseas travel is not permitted.

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